Meet Your Physical Therapist:

Dr. Jolene Foster, PT, DPT, NCS, Cert. DN 

Dr. Jolene Foster, PT, DPT, NCS is the owner and physical therapist of Be Mobile Physical Therapy & Wellness PLLC. Jolene attended Arcadia University in Glenside, PA and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Health Administration from the School of Global Business. She remained at Arcadia University to attend the College of Health Sciences and earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, she is trained in treating neurological conditions, general orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries, deconditioning from extended hospital stays, improving balance, assessing for falls risk to prevent future injuries, chronic pain and more. Monitoring a patient’s vitals and their response to physical activity is also an important skill of a Doctor of Physical Therapy to promote safety during each treatment session.  

Jolene gained experience treating complex patients in one of Philadelphia’s primary level-1 trauma hospitals. Afterwards, Jolene returned home to Kentucky to help care for her elderly father and transitioned to an inpatient rehabilitation hospital treating a wide range of medical diagnoses for the next 5 years. During this time, she became very interested in working with patients diagnosed with neurological conditions. She went on to become a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy; one of only a handful of physical therapy neurological specialists in the state of Kentucky. 

Finally, Jolene has become certified in dry needling, an intervention used to help treat subacute and chronic pain conditions and improve neuromusculoskeletal function. 







At Be Mobile Physical Therapy & Wellness PLLC, we are redefining traditional outpatient physical therapy services in the northern Kentucky area by bringing therapy to YOUR home. 

Do you have a hard time scheduling appointments during normal clinic hours while juggling working, child care, homework, and dinner? 

Do you continue to struggle with pain or mobility because you can’t make it to a  physical therapy clinic due to a hectic schedule?

Are you a caregiver who is struggling getting your loved one ready on time for their physical therapy appointments? 

We have flexible hours and will cater to your schedule (dependent upon already scheduled appointments).


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Improve mobility, well-being, and quality of life for members of the community by providing individualized, one-on-one, evidenced-based physical therapy services.




To decrease barriers to quality health care and help prevent/slow down further sequelae of chronic disease and injury. We will promote activity and mobility as preventative care and empower community members through education on how to manage their injuries, disabilities, and chronic diseases.



  • Bring convenience and ease to patients by providing outpatient physical therapy in their home, when convenient for them.
  • Remove barriers to care for patients/caregivers with increased difficulty making it to a clinic.
  • Provide one-on-one, individualized, evidenced-based quality care.
  • Treat every patient as a member of our own family.
Learn More About The Profession and Benefits of Physical Therapy by Visiting the American Board of Physical Therapy Association: 


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